Expression Web – Part 1

Well, I’ve just installed Microsoft Expression Web and started to play around with it. I must admit that what I’ve seen so far impresses me. It has a certain reminiscence of Dreamweaver with a hint of CoffeeCub about it. Mind you, the typical Microsoft Gloss is dripping all over it.

Start it up and select New > Web Site then choose a template and you are good to go. The templates are OK, but you are probably going to want to go beyond them quickly. Still, at least they do produce XHTML and CSS code, which is a major improvement on Microsoft’s earlier web efforts FrontPage and Interdev. Now for the good news, there doesn’t seem to be a FrontPage extension anywhere in site.

As I continue to explore the app, I’ll give you an update as to how well it fits into the web development workflow – and whether or not it gets in the way.


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