Jools Holland

Well, I went to see Jools Holland in an open air concert at Durham racecourse last night. As usual, he gave an absolutely amazing performance, but it was the single bizarrest experience I’ve had in a long time. For a start, the audience was there with their picnic tables and middle class cars. Bear in mind that Jools Holland played some stuff by the likes of T-Bone Walker which was considered subversive just 30 years ago, it’s now safe (predominately white) middle class music.

Where was the sense of danger? Where was the sense of rebellion?

 Oh – and by the way; if you were in the front row last night. Get a life you complete and utter sad gits – I don’t care if you got there at 4 with your friends Jonquil and Tarquin. You’re sad middle aged people and you’re not bad, mad and dangerous.


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