CodeProject MVPs

Well, I’ve just been made a CodeProject MVP. This is a great honour for me as I’m among some illustrious company here. There are some truly amazing people in this list, and I guess I’m just there to make the coffee for them.

Let me offer my congratulations to all of the other MVPs and to all of the Microsoft MVPs. You guys and girls really are the best. Thanks also to Chris Maunder and his fantastic team for making CodeProject my second home, it’s really amazing what you’ve accomplished over the last year.

Finally, thanks to everybody who’s posted a question that I could answer or posted a piece of crap that I can pour scorn on. I appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “CodeProject MVPs

  1. peteohanlon

    Colin – thanks for that and congratulations to you on yet another MVP for you. It’s people like you who motivate me.

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