MoXAML 2.1 Released – AKA Iona

I’ve just finished coding up a new version of MoXAML Power Toys. This release adds a new keyword search function and tidies up the commenting functionality based on feedback.

Keyword search

Highlight a word in the source and select Lookup keyword from the menu, and voila – a Google and Live search are performed based on the keyword (using the appropriate language type as well).

Menu in action

Search window in operation


The comment feature now places nicely with the existing comment command, so if you have an ordinary XAML comment in place, running the MoXAML commenter on it will handle it just as if the original comment had been done with MoXAML.

Another new feature in the Commenter is the ability to add an empty <!– –> comment so you can add your own comment text in.


After downloading, you’ll need to change the extension from .doc to .zip. This is a requirement of

Installer – no source: moxaml21releasezip

Source code: moxamlpowertoys21zip

As always, keep your comments and requests coming in. No idea goes unconsidered.

5 thoughts on “MoXAML 2.1 Released – AKA Iona

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