MoXAML 2.2 Released

Well – MoXAML 2.2 has been released, with a new Create Dependency Property command.

The Create Dependency Property command lets you create an ordinary DP or Attached DP (or readonly versions) with a minimum of effort. Better still, it provides method implementations for you as well.

Selecting the menu (from inside the code editor window) brings up a dialog to enter the core information that you need to create the DP. When you enter the default value, you need to put it in “exactly” as you would if you entered it manually. This means that you must put quotes around it if that’s what is expected by the datatype.

The Create Dependency Property window

When you choose Create, the relevant code gets added into the class.

4 thoughts on “MoXAML 2.2 Released

  1. peteohanlon

    Logan – good stuff. I’ll download it right now. I love the original version. Looking forward to using the new version, and I’m glad that MoXAML hits the spot for you, metaphorically speaking.

  2. I’m getting the following error after installing and adding the path to the add-in paths:

    Microsoft Visual Studio
    The Add-in ‘MoXAMLPowerToys’ failed to load or caused an exception.
    Would you like to remove this Add-in?
    If you choose yes, the file it was loaded from, ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Lifestyle Computing Ltd\MoXAML Power Toys\MoXAMLPowerToys – For Testing.AddIn’, will be renamed.

    Error Message: The system cannot find the file specified.

    Error number: 80070002
    Yes No

    Any ideas?



    1. peteohanlon

      John – quick question, and this may appear to be a silly one, but you are using Visual Studio 2008 Professional (or greater)? Also, I’m a bit surprised it’s using the testing addin. Could you take a look in this directory and let me know what the contents of the directory are?

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