You’d better watch out, there’s a Disciple about.

Today WPF Disciple all round good egg and nice guy Mr Josh Smith entered the twilight zone where he found out that he didn’t know as much as he thought he did and he should read an article that somebody called Josh Smith wrote. I really don’t know how he didn’t slap them round the face with a wet kipper. Here’s his take on the subject:

‘Something hilarious just happened…Just a few minutes ago I went to one of Seattle’s numerous coffeehouses to get breakfast.  While waiting in line, the two guys in front of me (looked like coworkers) are talking, and I overhear them use the term “ViewModel.”  When their conversation comes to a lull, I politely ask if they’re talking about MVVM.  The following conversation ensued, between one of the guys and myself:

Guy: “Yes, we are actually.”
Me: “Oh cool, that’s a great pattern.  Always an interesting topic.”
Guy: “We use it all the time.”
Me: “What do you like about it?”
Guy: “I like that it’s based on dependency injection.  That makes it really easy to test ViewModels.”
Me: “What do you mean that it’s based on DI?”
Guy: “I mean, it’s based on DI.  Have you ever actually used the pattern?”  [Guy2 now smirks pretentiously]
Me: “Yes, I’ve used it.  But, to me, it’s based on Models, Views, and ViewModels.  That’s it, no DI.”
Guy: “Well it sounds like you don’t really get it then.  It’s complicated, so you need to read a lot about it.”
Me: “Oh, that’s good to know.  What do you suggest I read to learn about it?”
Guy: “Start with Josh Smith’s MVVM article in MSDN Magazine.”
I kid you not.  That is literally what the guy told me.  I burst out laughing so loud that I felt embarrassed and had to leave.  The guy must have thought I was psychotic!

I seriously hope they read this and reflect how close they were to greatness.

5 thoughts on “You’d better watch out, there’s a Disciple about.

    1. peteohanlon

      He can’t help it. He was such a huge fan of Princess Diana that he has to get his fill of DI in other ways now.

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