Well scupper me sideways and butter me with kippers.

Right, now that I got your attention with that rather bizarre title, I’d like to bring your attention to the forthcoming VS Live event in Las Vegas. The Early Bird registration ends on 23rd March, and if you register by then you should save $200 – good value in my book (available at all good retailers if I’d bothered to write it). Register here.

Visual Studio Live is the ideal opportunity for you to meet some of the Microsoft dev team and MVP rock stars. Press them hard enough and they should treat you to some amazing deep dive coding sessions, and if they don’t, don’t forget to tie their hair in a bun and call them Ethel.

Sample sessions include DotNetMaster’s Billy Hollis and the ever magnetic Rocky Lhotka (don’t take your harddrive too near to him), presenting a day workshop on April 18th. This session, “Making Effective Use Of Silverlight And WPF”, should be a good one and promotes two of my favourite topics – don’t forget to attend. Rocky also presents another subsession about another of my favourite topics, as if you can’t tell what that one is; it’s the exciting sounding “Leveraging the MVVM Pattern in Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone”. Find out more about these and other wonderful sessions here.

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