It’s time to dock with the mothership

It seems that the many headed Hydra that is VS Live is coming round again in October, and it’s bigger and better than ever. If you thought it was good before, you haven’t seen anything yet.

While I can’t promise that attending it will make you more successful with members of whichever sex you prefer, I can tell you that some of my favourite speakers are going to be there. Rachel Appel will be delivering talks on creating data driven web sites with WebMatrix and Razor, a dive into how Orchard CMS works and will finish off with a high dive off Microsoft 1 into a thimble containing an inch of water.

If you think that’s impressive, Pete Brown will be delivering a whole host of XAMLicious goodness and rumour has it that he will do this tied up in chains, dangling upside down in a big box of water, wearing nothing other than a goose-fat thong. You owe it to yourself to get along to the Redmond mothership and catch these outstanding talks, and a whole lot more.

Disclaimer: Some of this shizzle is made up, but the bit about the great speakers and the topics they’ll be talking about is 100% straight up.


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