MoXAML goes Codeplex

One of the commonest questions I’ve been asked about MoXAML was whether or not I would be maintaining it in a repository of some description. While I’ve not been against the idea, I just haven’t got around to doing it. Well, that is I hadn’t got around to doing it. I am pleased to announce that MoXAML is now open source and is available on CodePlex at

By putting MoXAML on CodePlex, it is going to be easier for me to maintain the whole setup/installation package and I’m toying with an idea on how to automatically pull down updates to MoXAML – these are architectural ideas only, no code has been written, it’s just notes and diagrams so far.

Anyway, sorry for not posting something “witty” or silly – this post’s relatively normal for me. Abnormal service will resume shortly.

One thought on “MoXAML goes Codeplex

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