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MoXAML goes Codeplex

One of the commonest questions I’ve been asked about MoXAML was whether or not I would be maintaining it in a repository of some description. While I’ve not been against the idea, I just haven’t got around to doing it. Well, that is I hadn’t got around to doing it. I am pleased to announce that MoXAML is now open source and is available on CodePlex at http://moxaml.codeplex.com/.

By putting MoXAML on CodePlex, it is going to be easier for me to maintain the whole setup/installation package and I’m toying with an idea on how to automatically pull down updates to MoXAML – these are architectural ideas only, no code has been written, it’s just notes and diagrams so far.

Anyway, sorry for not posting something “witty” or silly – this post’s relatively normal for me. Abnormal service will resume shortly.

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