Musings and frustrations of a .NET developer.

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  1. Tom

    Hello, nice site you have here. Quick question, what plugin did you use to highlight code on your site? I was looking for something like that to put in code musings but gave up a while ago…

    1. peteohanlon


      It’s built into WordPress.com. All you do is wrap your code in [ sourcecode language=’csharp’][/ sourcecode]. I find it works best if I edit my post in something like Notepad and then paste it in with the sourcecode markup tags already present.

  2. Jason

    We are developing a vector drawing application in WPF but have run up against a snag. For example, if I draw a simple rectangle (this uses the rectangle geometry class to draw the rectangle on the canvas) I then have an option to “convert the rectangle to “Bezier” which changes the rectangle class to “path geometry” in order to edit the individual nodes of the rectangle shape.

    Is there a way to change this back to a rectangle geometry class? After editing the rectangle nodes, I want to have the ability to resize the rectangle, for example, but am unable to do this.

    This would be similar to how Microsoft handles this in Expression Design. They have the Selection tool that allows you to resize, rotate, etc. the drawn shape, and when you switch to the Direct Selection tool the adorner is no longer there which allows you to edit the nodes of the shape. When you then switch back to the Selection tool, the node editing is no longer there and you can then resize, rotate, etc. again.

  3. Susan

    Hi Pete,

    I found your blog through The Code Project. I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment here.

    Recently, SAP Business Objects launched some new online initiatives to better connect with its Crystal Reports product users. The biggest component of this is creating a greater sense of community around an SAP-official space. The new SAP Crystal Reports Server and Dashboard Solutions Facebook page and the @Crystalreports Twitter feed were created to be the main places on the Internet where community members can engage in conversation about the products, with each other and with SAP.

    I’m currently working with SAP to help generate this sense of community by reaching out to users on forums where Crystal Reports products are a common topic of discussion. We’re looking for knowledgeable and active forum participants to help us out, which is why I’m contacting you. We’d love it if you could take a look at the Facebook page and Twitter feed and let us know what you think. We’re looking for feedback on how the page and feed can be most useful to users such as yourself, and hopefully provide information and discussion from SAP.

    Please follow the links below, and let us know what you think. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

    Crystal Reports Server and Dashboard Solutions Facebook page: http://bit.ly/cdOub0

    @Crystalreports Twitter feed: http://twitter.com/crystalreports

    – Susan

  4. Hi Peter,

    In one of my article posted in Code Project (http://www.codeproject.com/KB/silverlight/SilverlightCommandBinding.aspx) you mentioned that: “Just a minor nitpick, but in the OnPropertyChanged handler, you test the PropertyChanged event and then raise a notification if it si not null. This can lead to a race condition where the event is disconnected *BEFORE* it is called. What you should do is assign the PropertyChanged to a local variable and test this:”.

    I din’t get the exact purpose of setting the event in a local variable and then using it. I didn’t understand it. Can you please help me on this to understand?

    Sorry, I don’t have your contact. Thus thought to use this forum to get back to you.


  5. Annie

    Hi Pete, If you are up in the Western Highlands, I’m in Applecross. You and family are welcome to pop in for a coffee. Just ask for Annie the Baker when you get to the Inn – everyone knows me! If not, have a great holiday anyway.

    Annie (AnnieMacD from Code Project)

  6. Dear Pete,
    This message is about the code project. Please remove it after reading since it doesn’t belong here.
    I am sorry. You were trying to help me. I apologies. You are right about deleting negative comments. However you are wrong about the troll accounts. Try to report a message as abusive and you will see. It will be deleted immediately. I have (or had?) similar privileges. Until several months ago it was possible to vote on a comment and then, it would have been possible to ask several friends for example to down vote a comment and have it removed . That is no longer possible. Some users, with high reputation can report a comment as abusive. Troll account would not have such privileges. That proves my point. My mistake was about reporting these comments which looked to me offensive, however I never misused the site. I have seen the discussion and should have never reported these comments and make people angry. Could you help me now? You have my email….

    1. peteohanlon

      Michael, I have dropped a line to Chris and Sean about this. It’s unfortunate though that the same people have voted for you time and time again, and haven’t voted for others. I take it that these are friends, but you might want to ask them to look at other peoples articles as as well otherwise their behaviour looks suspicious – hence the reason it was reported.

      As I said in my first post, I think your articles look decent, so I think that you should attract decent votes. However, I would suggest that you don’t downvote lower comments unless the comment is simply along the lines of “I couldn’t be bothered to give you a reason, I just want to vote 1”. If someone gives you a low vote and comes up with what they think is a valid reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to engage with them and try to reason with them – heck, you could even end up clarifying points in your article that they don’t understand; there’s nothing wrong with that.

      By the way, you can vote on comments/posts. The mechanism has changed though. When a message is expanded, click on it and look to the left hand side. You’ll see green and red arrows. Press green to vote up and red to vote down.

      Finally, my post to Chris was made here: http://www.codeproject.com/Messages/4499080/Re-What-to-do-about-this-account.aspx

  7. Michael

    Pete, thanks a lot for your support and for your understanding. In my opinion there are 3 separate issues:
    1. Vote of friends, college at place of work, family, etc. are naturally ones that in many cases (if not all cases) will appear as a person voting only for my articles. On the other hand, it was only natural that after I publish an article, I’ll tweet, publish at Facebook and Linked In, asking people to read and vote. I wasn’t aware until recently that people who never registered with Code Project will have to open an account in order to vote. In fact, I thought it is not required to register. I personally don’t see any violation here, but I understand that it can look bad and harm me, instead of helping me. I don’t know (and can’t tell) from the user names listed, to whom they belong (I asked some colleges and friends and was able to track about 5-6 of them only), but of course it is expected from a new user who joins Code Project to browse other’s articles and not only mine.

    2. The claim that I used other accounts (fake accounts, friends, etc.) to down vote comments that I dislike. That is completely untrue. I am a member since 2003 and I know that it was possible in the past to give a vote to a comment, but that option is not possible. You can either report a comment as abusive or spam or not. My friends (or fake accounts for that matter) won’t be able to report a comment. Please take a look at this table:
    You will see which privileges are available to which type of user. My record and reputation made it possible for me to report a message and after a single report (by me) it was removed. I used this privilege in the near past and before gaining this privilege used to send many emails to Sean and all because of a number of users that used to mock other’s articles. It was easy to see that such users only give “1” or “2” ratings to articles, one after the other, and besides that, don’t contribute anything to our community. These are the real “Trolls”. One of them called himself “IknowIamObusive”. I got these users’ accounts closed.
    Yesterday I definataly made a big mistake. I shouldn’t have reported these messages / comments and have them removed. I apologies for doing so. I was a mistake and only harmed me. There is nothing wrong with these comments. I acted automatically because of my past experience with the harrasive users I have reported in the past. There is no mechanism to restore these comments back, but I have no problem restoring them.

    3. The 3rd issue might be something you and I won’t agree about. In my opinion, it was wrong to discuss my mistake publicly. I wasn’t aware about the discussions about me. I never visited these forums, unfortunately. I tried to send you private messages and couldn’t. Even now, I have to use a public forum to communicate with you. In my opinion, before the community is certain that there is indeed a violation, such discussion should be done either privately, or without providing details about the person involved.
    Please take a look at the Spam and Abuse Watch forum. First, my profile is mentioned. User names of votes which are real people and would not appreciate their account being listed in a negative context. Then there are offensive comments such as
    “Oh, and I 5ed your messages (and Pete’s) to try and return a few points to you guys. Those points should have not been lost, you were doing the right thing in reporting this criminal.” or similar. In fact, after this saga is over I would appreciate to have these comments (especially the ones with details of me and other users) removed and also, could you please remove the link that you have published here as well. (and thanks! by the way. I got an email from Chris. He is at holiday in Australia, and can’t reach Sean. Yesterday he also wrote me that no matter what, he will first investigate and then act.

    Thanks for your support.

    Take care,


  8. Michael

    Pete, I just wish to add that several comments should be removed and I am asking your help in that.

    ” Sock puppeteer: …. there comes my account name”

    Another 2 comments calling me “Sock puppeteer” or “Criminal” and also ” the spammer won first prize in the C++ articles Dec 2012 and claims to have an MVP, all through cheating”

    What can I do about it?

    1. peteohanlon

      I’ve dropped a message to Jorgen about removing details from this message. I’ve also approached Chris about removing the whole threads.

  9. Michael

    Thanks… I have seen that. Another thing is my reputation points. I had around 20,000 and now I have 132. I don’t think that is on purpose (am I being punished?), but might be an error related to restoring my account. However, I don’t know to whom should I speak to.

    1. peteohanlon

      I can’t help with that I’m afraid. I’m not a big fan of the points system so I steer clear of it. You should probably drop a note to Sean – he might be able to do something.

  10. Michael

    OK. Thanks anyhow. I just can’t get Sean or Chris. If you do hear from them by any chance, kindly please ask them. I just want to restore everything to how it was yesterday…

  11. Michael

    Sorry for writing to you here but I don’t have your email… Thanks for helping me today and requesting the details.to be removed.
    I asked Keith Barrow to remove his comment, which contains details such as “Winner of the Dec 2012 c++ competition”. Could you ask him? He is just ignoring my messages…

  12. Michael

    Dear Pete. thanks for your 2 comments to my article about Net executable. Please take the first one (letting me know about your message to Chris) out. It doesn’t belong here and I would like to get back in track. I hope you understand my point… Thanks any how for your appology and your support. It means a lot to me. Michael

    Can I have your email? you can write to me directly

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